How to Check Jio Balance, Validity, Number, Plans Easily Using MyJio App, IVR, or Official Website(2020)

Welcome back to our other post. In this post, I am going to show you easy ways to check your Jio Number balance with data.

It is a very easy and simple process to do.  Anyone can do this after following my steps. 

Jio is the most popular Indian Telecom Industry. More than 331.3 million customers of Jio Almost one house in India has at least 1 JIo SIM.

Mean, In India, every single home has 1 JIO user. Actually, I am also writing this article using Jio internet. 

Sometimes we use the Internet all day long and for any reason, we need to check out our Internet, Daily validity, Data use Jio plan.

All ways are very simple and very easy. Guys if you’re using Jio sim its a very important question for you that how to check Jio plan.

Guys in this post I will tell you properly how you can easily check your balance details

Why Jio popular in India?

There are a lot of reasons to be popular in Jio in India. Jio came to India in September 2016.

The telecom industry caught fire after the arrival of Jio.  After coming to Jio in India, people knew about 4g.

After the arrival of Jio, a huge change took place in the Internet world. Because Jio started giving the internet to everyone for free.

Jio got out his plan so cheaply that we didn’t even expect. I think that is why Jio is a popular telecom industry in India.

Now let’s see how to know Jio balance?

4 Way To Check Your Jio Data Balance Easily&Quickly

Data is the most important thing in this modern world. So in this field, Jio is on top. There are several methods to check jio net balance details.

1.Check Using Phone CallMake a missed call using Jio sim to 1299, and you will be able to know your data balance.
2.Check Using USSD CodeYou can also check your data balance by just an SMS. Just dial *333# using your Jio sim to know your data balance.
3.Check Using SMSJust type an SMS as ‘MBAL’ to 55333 to know your data balance as well as call details.
4.Check Using My Jio AppJust download the official ‘MY JIO’ app on your device, the app will automatically take your number to login to your account. On the home page, it will show you the Jio number on your device.

Check Jio balance Online Using My Jio App

To see Jio Balance using the mobile app you just follow my simple and easy steps given below:-

  • After install you just open the My Jio app.
  • Now Sign Up with your Jio Number on My Jio App.
  • Now Click on underside 3 Line on your My Jio App.
How to Check Jio Balance
  • Tap “My Plan”.
  • Now you can get all your Jio Recharge details. 
How to Check Jio Balance

Jio Balance Check Easily Using the Website?

  • Open your Browser.
  • Search on google “My Jio”.
How to Check Jio Balance
  • Open the first link on your search result.
  • Then click on uperside 3 lines. 
How to Check Jio Balance
  • Now click on “Sign in”
  • Now click on Mobile. ( If you are using Jio- Fi or Jio Fiber, You can click those option) 
How to Check Jio Balance
  • Now Enter your Mobile No.  
  • Click on Generate OTP.
  • Now fill the OTP.
  • Now you can see the Balance Section, where you can see your Jio Balance and Jio Recharge. 
How to Check Jio Balance

How to know jio balance Easily using a Phone Call

1.Open your Dialer app.
2.After open, Dial 1299 with you Jio Number.
3.Now your call automatically Disconnected & Jio sends you an SMS, Where you can see your Jio Recharge Details.

How To Check Your Jio Balance Using USSD Code/IVR

Jio is nowadays becoming more popular in India, and in 2020 Jio has gained more subscribers than Bharti Airtel.

So if you are using a Jio sim in your smartphone or device then sometimes you face problems regarding balance checking.

That’s why balance checking through USSD code is very simple and convenient.

If you want to check your balance or talk time then type *333# on your device using Jio sim.

Quickly Check Jio Balance Using Massage

1.Open your Messaging app
2.Send an SMS “BAL to 55333”.
3.Now, Jio sends you an SMS, Where you can see your Jio Recharge Details.
How To Check Your Jio Balance And Validity?

As Jio surpassed the Bharti Airtel based on subscribers, Jio is now India’s biggest telecommunication network. Both Prepaid and Postpaid Balance, as well as validity, is very important to know.

That’s why if you want to check your Jio balance as well as validity for both prepaid and postpaid then follow some simple procedure mentioned below.

Firstly send an SMS – BAL to 199. As soon as you send SMS, you will receive an SMS on your device that will show your Jio prepaid balance and the validity of the package you are currently using.

And if you want to check your Jio Postpaid balance and validity the send an SMS – BILL to 199 and follow the same procedure.

How To Check Your Own Jio Number?

Reliance Jio is the major contributor in the field of telecommunication networks. Jio started the 4G revolution in India.

If you are using a Jio sim on your device and can’t remember your number then just dial *1# on your mobile, and you will be able to check your own Jio number.

If this doesn’t work for you then send SMS As ‘JIO’ to 199. You can also check your number using the ‘My Jio’ app.

Follow Some Steps You Can Chek Balance/Valitidiy Esaily

How do I Check My Jio Plan Details Using MyJio App

My Jio app is a good option. I am also Check my Jio plan from the “My Jio” app.

It’s very easy & Simple. Just open your app and check. You can check your Jio plan by using the trick that seems easy to you.

Most people use the “My Jio” app to check their Jio plan.

If you ask me what is the best option. My answer is “My Jio App“.

Because here you can see a lot more. Like Recharge History, Data uses, Call Balance uses and a lot of more things you can check.

You can also recharge your Jio Number using “My Jio App”.

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