Official Way To Install GTA San Andreas Game Our Computer (2020)

Welcome back to another post. Here in this article, we are going to explain how to install Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on your laptop or pc for free.

But before going to the point let us know some basic and interesting information about this game. Hope this article will help you figure out how to play GTA San Andreas.

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Who Developed GTA San Andreas?

GTA San Andreas was the most successful game ever released in any platform. Because of it’s simplicity and a new concept that is open world environment, this game is still the favorite for each and every gamer.

Grand Theft Auto or GTA is developed and created by the most famous Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games in the year of 2004. This game is categorized as an action and adventure game by the developers.

After the massive success of Grand Theft Auto Vice City, which was released just two years back San Andreas also maintained that huge success graph.

Both Vice City and San Andreas are till now the best games released. These two games are quite the same as both are action-adventure games and contains an open world environment.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (Basic Facts And Informations)

GTA San Andreas was released way back in 2004, but still this game is in the hearts of each and every gamers and die hard fans or Rockstar Games. San Andreas was at first released in PlayStation on October 2004, then in June 2005 it was released for both Xbox and Microsoft Windows.

This game got massive responses and appreciations from the PlayStation that’s why it was easy to be praised later on Xbox and Windows-like platforms.

GTA San Andreas is like a modified version of Vice City but the textures and graphics are completely different, infact the graphics of San Andreas looks better than that of Vice City. Major games that are developed or created by Rockstar Games company are  mostly based on open world environment.

Because open world let’s you do any thing you want unlike following the instructions and guidelines of any other game.

In Vice city the main character was Tommy Vercetti and the San Andreas game is based on the life story of Carl ‘CJ’ Johnson, who was a gangster.

This game features real life environment as well as elements of the world like cities, lakes, beaches, towers and buildings, garages, bar, mall, etc. San Andreas also bought some new and interesting features like customization of your character (Clothes, hairstyle, appearance), vehicle modifications, New mini games.

San Andreas was at that time considered to be one of the greatest video game ever made, this is because of it’s storyline, music, concept, and gameplay. It was the best selling video game in 2004 and till now it is also considered as one of the best selling video game ever. As of 2011 it sold over 27.5 millions of copies around the world.

San Andreas was released for the following platforms are mentioned with there corresponding release dates I.e PlayStation 2(26 October 2004), Xbox and Windows (7 June 2005), Mac OS X(12 November 2010), iOS(12 December 2013), Android(19 December 2013), Windows Phone(27 January 2014), Fire OS(15 May 2014), Xbox 360(26 October 2014), PlayStation 3 (1 December 2015).

How To Play GTA San Andreas ?

Like vice city this game also contains open world environment where your character can move freely where ever you want and offers all the features like walk, run, jump, punch or fight, swim, climb, etc.

 It also offers you to drive various vehicles such as car, bike, train, boat, bus, Aeroplane, ship, tank, bicycle, etc. Which provides a realistic gaming experience. San Andreas contains a total of 212 in-game vehicles, unlike Vice City which have only 60 vehicles.

Just like the vice city it also has some gameplay rules and guidelines if you break those you will increase your wanted level as a result you will be chased and busted by various organizations like City Cops, SWAT, FBI, and Military teams.

The wanted level increases if you do any illegal thing and it decreases over time. This level is denoted as stars if you have fewer stars then you will only get a warning from the city police or cops and if you have more stars then you will be chased by the military and swat with a large number of vehicles, helicopters, boats, and firearms.

They will also shoot if you try to run away from them and in the end your health will start bleeding and you will die soon. After that, you will respawn in the nearest hospital losing some amount of money.

You can do various side missions to boost your income in-game. Your character can drive cabs or taxi, bus, train, become firefighter, help injured people’s and many more to explore.

There are several missions that give you a targeted time to complete, if you do that fast you will get your money as well as tip, and if you don’t complete the mission in time you will get nothing.

San Andreas is mainly focused on the life story of a gangster named ‘CJ’. So this lets you play as CJ and do role-play missions to finish the game. You can change appearance, feed, exercise, purchase accessories, jewelry, etc. And CJ can form his gang to fight against other gangs to conquer the city of San Andreas.

During the role-play missions you may face several gangs that will lead to a gang war in the city, so you will have to use your firearms and gang to fight with them.

The installation process is quite simple so I hope you have successfully installed the game. Just play and enjoy and thank you for visiting our website if you have any queries related this article just comment down below, we are here for you thanks Reading This Article

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