How To Delete a WhatsApp Group Permanently Using Android device May (2020)

Welcome back to another post How to delete a WhatsApp group. In India as well as in each and every country in the world there are users of WhatsApp in a very large number.Almost every person has a smartphone that uses WhatsApp for chats and conversations.

So they can easily create and join a WhatsApp group anytime they want. But in some cases, you need to leave the WhatsApp group that you don’t want.

So in this article, we are going to discuss some easy methods for deleting a WhatsApp group.

But before going to discuss all these methods and procedures we need to know some basic information about WhatsApp.

Otherwise, it would be difficult for you to understand the procedure that we are going to mention in this article.

What is WhatsApp
What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is an American messenger application that is owned by Facebook. WhatsApp simply uses the internet to provide features like sending text messages, images, audio as well as video.WhatsApp is totally free of cost.
It is available for both Android and iOS. WhatsApp also provides internet calling features, So that you can call your friends or family members on WhatsApp totally free of cost without any extra hidden charges. Before going to discuss deleting a WhatsApp group, let us know how to create a WhatsApp group first.

How To Create A WhatsApp Group?

First of all, you need to download the official WhatsApp application on your device. Then follow the steps mentioned below to create.

Create A WhatsApp Group Easily

1. Open WhatsApp and tap on the ‘Chats’ option that is in the middle of the top menu bar.
2. Tap on the three dots in the top right corner. This will open a dropdown menu.
3. Tap in the ‘New Group’ option in that dropdown menu.
4. Then you will see which of your contacts are on WhatsApp and which are not. You can simply invite those contacts that are not on WhatsApp. 
5. Tap on the contact names that you want to add to your group.
6. Tap the ‘OK’ button to confirm.
7. Type the name of your group.
8. You can also add a picture and customize the group according to you.
9. Press on the Check or tick mark and done you have successfully created your WhatsApp group.

So now you know how to create a WhatsApp group. But if you are not interested in any group and wanted to delete the group permanently what should be the procedure.

Don’t worry we are here for you. Now we are going to discuss on how to delete a WhatsApp group permanently with some easy methods.

We will clear all your doubts regarding this. Whether You are the admin of that group or just a simple member of that group, you can easily delete it permanently. So let’s see.

How to Delete Whatsapp Group by Admin

Admins are the authorized members of any group, they have some extra rights that a simple member of that group does not have.

Easily Delete a WhatsApp group permanently. Follow the instructions below

First of all open WhatsApp and Tap on the group that you want to delete.
Then Tap on the Group info that is in the top left corner.
Now as an admin you have the power to add and remove anyone in your group.
So to delete permanently, you need to remove all the members of your group.
To do so you just need to tap on the member and press the ‘Remove’ button.
After removing each and every member you have to exit the group.
Then after you will get the Delete button, Tap on it and here you go.

Now you have successfully deleted your WhatsApp group permanently.

How to Delete Group in Whatsapp by Member

Now we know how to delete as an admin, so let us see how to do so as a member of a group.

Note that as an admin you can delete a WhatsApp group permanently but as a member, you can’t delete that group permanently.

Here you have to leave that group instead of deleting it.

So to delete follow the simple steps mentioned below.

Firstly open WhatsApp and Tap in the group you want to delete
Then Tap on the Group info that is in the top left corner.
After that scroll down till the bottom and Tap on the ‘Exit group’ option.
You will be asked to confirm so to confirm the press the exit button.
You are almost done, Now you are no longer a member or participant of that group.
As you leave the group, the existing ‘Exit group’ button in the group info will be replaced by the ‘Delete group’ button.
So Tap on the delete button to delete the group for you.
As you successfully exited the group the group members will receive a notification that you left the group.

Remember as a member you can not delete a group permanently but you can delete the group only on your device, not on other devices.

Now you know how to delete a WhatsApp group permanently. It’s not a complicated process as we have provided you the information in easy and simple language.

How To Block A WhatsApp Group

As per WhatsApp guidelines blocking a WhatsApp group is not possible, because blocking a group means permanent stop of receiving messages, photos, videos, etc from that particular group. 

Although there are two ways or options for you. Muting the group is the first option you can do.

‘Mute’ option is available if you long press on the group that you don’t want to receive notifications from.

Either you can Exit the group that you don’t want to be a part of. As you exit that particular WhatsApp group

you will no longer be a member and you will not be able to receive any messages, photos, videos, etc.

How To Deactivate WhatsApp? 5 Easy And Simple Steps To Deactivate

WhatsApp doesn’t have any deactivating feature, it does not let you log out of the app Unless you delete the application.

If you want to deactivate WhatsApp and don’t want to receive unnecessary notifications and messages, then you need to follow some simple instructions given below. Interactions

Easily Deactivate Whatsapp follow given Interactions

1.Go to your phone settings.
2.Go to Applications option under settings. Now you will see the list of all applications on your device.
3.Then select WhatsApp and click on the ‘Force Stop’ option.
4.Go to data option and disable ‘Background Data’.

Now for the final step cancel all the app permissions for WhatsApp.

5 Easy Steps To Remove Group Admin In WhatsApp 

Admins have the power to add or remove participants or members to the group.

But in some cases, if you want to remove a person from the admin position then what’s the procedure?

Simple just follow the instructions given below and you will be able to remove group admin easily.

1.First of all open WhatsApp and click on that particular group.
2.Now either click on the group info which is in the top left corner of the group or you can also click on the three dots that’s is in the top right corner
3then click on the group info under the drop-down menu.
4.Then click on that person’s name which you want to remove from the admin post.
5.Click on the ‘dismiss as admin’ option and done. Now that person is no longer the admin of the group.

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