How to redeem a Jio voucher? 2 Ways to redeem the Jio voucher.

How to redeem Jio voucher: Hi, guys welcome back to our Another new post, In this post, I am going to show you how to redeem a Jio voucher.

Sometimes we get the voucher on our Jio Number (Free/Paid). But many people don’t know how to redeem the voucher on this Jio Number.

In this post, I am going to show to step by step that how you can easily redeem the vouchers on your Jio Number.

It’s a very easy process, You can easily redeem your voucher after reading this full article. After reading this full article you don’t need to read related to this problem.

Note – This voucher can not be transferred to any Jio user and you can not recharge other Jio numbers by redeeming the voucher.

Whenever you will recharge your Jio number your Jio voucher will be added automatically.

How to redeem the Jio voucher Using my Jio App?

Redeem your jio voucher using my jio app, you just follow the below steps.

(All steps same for ios and android users)

Step 1 – Install my jio App from the play store or App store My Jio.

Step 2:- After install you just open the My Jio app.

Step 3:- Now Register with your Jio Number on My Jio App.

Step 4:- Now Click on left 3 Lines on top corner on your My Jio App.

Step 5:- Click on “My Vouchers”.

Step 6:- In the “View” section you will see your available vouchers.

Step 7:- Select one voucher and click on proceed.

Step 8:- Make sure you phone no. is correct.

Step 9:- Then click on redeem.

Now you will get SMS for successfully redeem voucher.

Now you have a quotation that How to check Validity/Uses on your Jio data voucher.

How Redeem is the Jio voucher Using a phone call (without using my Jio app)?

Redeem voucher without using my Jio app, you just follow the below steps.

  •  Open your Dialer app.
  • Dial “1991” from you Jio Number.
  • Select your Language.
  • Select No. 2 Option.
  • Then you will know what to do.

How to check Jio Voucher Validity/Uses?

Step 1: Again open you “My Jio” App.

Step 2: Now, You can see 1 option “View Plan”.

Step 3: Click on “View details” on View plan Section.

Step 4: Now, First you can see your current plan, and then you can see your Voucher Details.

The benefits of redeeming the Jio voucher with the My Jio app.

When you redeem your voucher using My Jio app, It is very fast and Simple. Most of the time I also redeem my Jio voucher using My Jio app. It just open your app and Redeems your Jio voucher. The main benefit is that here you can see a lot of things related to your voucher.

The benefits of redeeming the Jio voucher without My Jio app.

The main benefit of this way is that you don’t need any internet connection. If your mobile data is ended, Then this way very helpful for you. Because you can easily redeem your voucher without an internet connection.

Which way best to redeem your Jio Voucher?

As I told you, I am using “My Jio App” to redeem My vouchers. If you have data, Then I recommend that you use the “My Jio app”. Because sometimes the 2nd method doesn’t work

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