2 Easy Ways to Lock a Drive-in Windows 10 an Encrypt your Hard Drives

Hi Guys, Welcome back to our Another Post. What happens sometimes, for many reasons, We need to lock the driver of our computer. But we don’t know how to lock a drive in Windows 10 and Sometimes the Windows 10 official Bitlocker option does not work.

So in this post, I am going to show you 2 ways to lock a drive in windows 10. Data is very important in today’s world. Those who have data they can do anything using your data.

For our privacy, We need to hide your personal information. When we hide our personal files and folders, Anyone can access it very easily. So Hide is not the solution. The actual solution is that Lock our Drives.

What are Windows Drives?

Windows Drive is a Memory of your computer, where all windows files, Folders, etc. are stored. Drives are the main part of our Computer or Laptop. 

In this post, I am going to share with you lock your drives in Windows 10. The first one is Using Bitlocker (Provided by Windows). And 2nd One is Using Third-Party Software (Provided by Third-Party Source).

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How to lock a drive without BitLocker (Without Using Password)?

It is a Very Easy Process, Anyone can do this after reading this article and after following my Simple steps.

In this process, We will download third-party software. In this process, We don’t need to set any password. So Let’s See How to lock a drive without BitLocker (Without Using Password).  

Lock Windows Drive Without Using a Password Follow My Steps

Step.1: Download the Software ZIP File. (Only 24KB)

Step.2: Extract the Zip file with WinRAR. (Download WinRAR)

Step.3:  After Extracting the file, Open the “Drive Locker’ File. 

Step.4: Now, You can see the Drive Locker Software.

Step.5: Run Drive Locker” As Administrator. ( If you Direct Open the Software, Maybe It will not work)

Step.6: Select the drive, which drives you want to lock. (In my case i want to lock my “E” Drive So I select the “E” drive.

Step.7: Now click on “Apply”.

Now try to Open your Drive, Which drive you selected on

Now you can’t open your drive, Which you lock. Don’t worry, To open your Locked drive, You just open again the software and uncheck the Tick mark on your drive.

Now again try to open your drive. Now it will be open easily. Using this trick you can easily Lock your Drive without set Password. 

The Benefits Of This Trick

The Benefits of this Trick are very Simple and clear. I can tell you well.

No.1 Benefit: When you lock your drive using this trick When Someone tries to open your locked drive, It will be shown that  “The operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer please contact your system administrator”.

Then it would happen that He will not understand anything. If the locked drive has shown Password, They can unlock passwords by doing anything. 

No.2 Benefit: Tell you through an example. Suppose, You have kept some videos on your drive, which you do not want showing your friends.

In other cases, Your friend unlocks your drive by you through anything. But in this case, your friend doesn’t think that you locked your drive.

How to lock a drive with BitLocker? (Without using any software)

It is also a Very Easy Process, Anyone can do this after reading this article and after following my Simple steps. In this process, We will use Bitlocker (Windows 10 Official Feature). So let’s see how to lock a drive with Bitlocker (Using Password). 

Lock Easily Windows Drive using a password

Step.1:  Open Control Panel. 

To Open Control Panel: Search On your Windows Search Box “Control Panel” and Click on the First Result. 

Step.2: Click on “System and Security”.

Step.3: After Click on “System and Security”, Tap on “Bitlocker Drive Encryption”.

Step.5: Now you can see your all drives.

Step.4: Then Select your Drive, Which you want to lock. (In my case I want to lock my “E” Drive, So I select “E” Drive). 

Step.5: Click on “Turn On Bitlocker”.  

Step.6: Now Tick Mark on “Use a Password to Unlock the drive”. 

Step.7: Then Enter your 8 digit Password, Which you want to set on your Drive. (Password Should contain uppercase and Lowercase letter, number, space and symbols).

Step.8: Click on Next.

Step.9: After Click on Next Button, This page asks you “How do you want to back up your recovery key”. If you ever forget your password, Then it will help you to unlock your drive. 

(Recommendation:-  You Must be Save you Backup Recovery Key, If you forget your drive password, Then you can easily Unlock your Drive)

Step.10: Click on “save as” and Save your Backup Recovery Key.

Step.11: Now click on “Next”.

Step.12: Again Click on “Next”. 

Step.13: Tap on “Start Encrypting”.

Now your Drive is Lock with Password

Now when you try to open your Drive, The Drive asks for a password to unlock. 

Which way is best to Lock your drive?

Both are best in their place. If you want to Lock your drive using the password, Definitely you choose Bitlocker. But If you want to Lock your drive without using a password, Then you just try Drive Locker.  

Lock a Drive in Windows 10 Quickly See This Full Video

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