How To Set Your Favourite Caller/Hello Tune Easily in Airtel Sim Card

Welcome Back to our Another post, If you want set Caller tune on your Airtel SIM card, Then this post only for you. Because in this post I am going to show how you can easily Set Hello Tune on your Airtel SIM card.

It is a very easy process.  Anyone can do this after following our steps. So read the article till the end.

A few months/years ago, When we had to set a caller tune in our Phone number, we had to pay a monthly amount (30-40 Rupees).

After Jio arrives in the market, Jio gave a lot of offers. When almost 80% of SIM users switched to Jio.ThenAirtel also gave offers to its users.

Airtel also gives free culler tune service to their user. So in this post, I am going to show you Easy ways to set a caller tune on your Airtel Number.

Note Guys, before start reading the post, I tell you one thing that to use this free caller tune service you must be recharged Airtel unlimited call plan.

If you have not Airtel unlimited plan, Then you unable to get this free service. You just recharge Airtel Unlimited plan on your airtel number.

History Of Airtel Telecom Network

Airtel is the popular telecommunication network company as well as the oldest one too. The full name of the Airtel company is Bharti Airtel, however, earlier than that individuals knew it by the identify Bharti Teleconverter Enterprises Limited. Airtel had over 283 million mobile subscribers in India at the end of 2019.

What is Caller Tune?

Caller tune is a service, due to which, when someone calls anyone, then they hear a tune on their phone during the call ringing.

For example, You call John then you hear an Amazing mashup song during the call ringing. That is the caller tune that you listen to during the call.

How Caller Tune Work?

The network operator scheduled the tune which tune you set as a caller tune on your SIM. Then when someone calls you they automatically hear the song.

What’s the difference between caller tune and ringtone?

Caller tune and ringtones are not the same. I give you an example. Someone call you, In this case, They listen to the caller tune that calls you and you hear the ringtone.

How To Set Easily Caller Tune In Airtel For Free By Using SMS

It’s a very easy process. You can do it easily after following my steps. Basically, We just send an SMS to a number. Follow my steps:

Set Airtel caller tune Using SMS

1.Find your favorite song code which one you want set as a caller tune.
2.To find go to the official website of AIRTEL. Here you can find all the songs codes are available.
3.Open your Massaging app on your phone.
4.Type: SET <Space> <Song Code> send it to 543211.

How To Set Airtel Caller Tunes From Wynk Music App

Guys, Its a very easy and simple process. You can do it easily set after following my steps. Basically, We just download an app called Wynk Music. It is an Official app of Airtel. Follow my steps:

Set Airtel Caller Tune Using Wynk Music App

  • After downloading the Wynk Music app.
  • Open the app and give permissions.
  • Now you just log in with your Airtel Number.
  • After that you have to select the language in which you like to listen to the songs.
  • After all, steps, Play the song, which you want to set as a caller/Hello Tune on your Number.
  • Tap on “Hello Tune”.
  • Then click Activate for Free”.

Congratulations, Now your caller tune has been set. I am going to tell you all pros and cons.

Then you decide which way is the best way to set Tune. If you don’t agree with me then choose your favorite.

See This Full Video You Can Set Caller/Hello tune in Airtel Sim Card Easily

How To Change Caller Tune in Airtel by Using Wynk Music App?

To Change the caller tune, Just again open the WYnk Music app and select and open the song which song you want to set. Then follow the same process of the way to set tune on your Airtel SIM.

How To Set Airtel Hello Tunes by Using SMS/Wynk Music App

Using this way, You can set a Hello tune on your airtel SIM card, but the Wynk Music app is easier than SMS. In this way, You need to find the song code than send the SMS.

This is not simple. If you know the song code, but You can set the caller tune without using any internet connection.

Set Airtel Hello Tunes by Using Wynk Music App

Using this way, It is very easy and simple. You just open the song and just set the caller tune. But if your internet is going to end than can’t do it without the internet.

How To Deactivate Hello Tune in Airtel?

To deactivate caller/Hello tune in Airtel, follow my simple step.

1.Open your massaging or Dialer app.
2.Send an SMS “STOP” to 543211 or Call on 543211808 toll-free number to deactivate caller tune service in Airtel. Thank you for reading our post.

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