How To Set Your Favourite Caller Tune in BSNL Quickly & Fast

Set Caller Tune in BSNL:- Hi guys, Welcome Back to our Another post, If you want set Caller tune on your BSNL SIM card, Then this post only for you. Because in this post I am going to show how you can easily Set Hello Tune on your BSNL SIM card.

It is a very easy process.  Anyone can do this after following our steps. So read the article till the end.

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited popularly known as BSNL is an Indian state-owned telecom company. It provides mobile voice and internet through it a vast number of telecommunication networks across India.

BSNL is among the largest telecommunication network company in India. The name Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited is derived from Hindi, and it means Indian communications incorporation limited in English.

History Of BSNL Telecom Network in India

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited is the largest telecommunication network company as well as the oldest one too. It was incorporated by the government of India on 1 October 2000.

During the British era, the foundation of the telecom network in India was laid somewhere in the 19th century. In 1850, the first telegraph line in India was established between Calcutta and diamond harbor. Until 1854 telegraph line was laid all over the country.

In 1854 telegraph service was opened for the ordinary peoples. Then in 1980, bifurcation of the telegraph and post department was done. Then the creation of the Department of Telecom led to the foundation of BSNL in India.

How to Set Caller Tune in BSNL

Why BSNL is popular in India!

Services like mobile telephony services on GSM and CDMA platforms and fixed-line telephones make BSNL so popular in India.

BSNL is the fourth largest internet service provider (ISP) in India, it also has the largest fiber-based telecom network. Because BSNL mobile is the major provider of GSM all over India, it has over 120 million happy customers across India.

How To Set & Activate Caller Tune in BSNL

There are several steps to activate or deactivate caller tune on BSNL.

We have discussed all the major steps through which you can easily active/deactivate the caller tune on BSNL.

How To Activate BSNL tune service through My BSNL Tunes app

With the official BSNL mobile app for Calle tune, you can easily search, browse and select any of your favorite songs as your caller tune.

This app also provides songs in your preferred language as well. With just a click using this simple application you can easily choose and set caller tune anytime, anywhere.

Here is the step by step procedure on how to set caller tune using My BSNL Tunes app.

1.Firstly you just need to download the official My BSNL Tunes app, which is available for both Android and iOS platforms.
2.After downloading tap on the ‘Hello tunes’ icon, you can find this icon on the top right corner of the app window.
3.Then you just need to select your favorite song which you want as your caller tune.
4.Lastly, confirm your caller tune on the My BSNL Tunes app.

How to Activate Hello tune from the official BSNL website

You can also activate the BSNL tunes service through its official website BSNL also provides ‘Your NAME Your TUNE’ service.

Below we discussed steps to activate hello tunes from the website.

  • Firstly open the official BSNL website and go to BSNL called tunes and select the song you want as your caller tune on your BSNL number.
  • Then pick the marked icon.
  • Now enter and verify your BSNL mobile number. You will get a one-time password (OTP) during this step on your BSNL number.
  • Lastly Choose your subscription as per your desire.

How To Activate Caller Tune through SMS or Phone call

If you find activating Caller Tune through the website or mobile app is hard, then you can simply follow these simple steps to activate caller tune through SMS or Phone call.

  • Set BSNL caller Tune through SMS service
  • Send SMS <BT 1131290> to 56700.
  • Here BT code implies that particular song you want to set as your caller tune. For example, if you want to set ‘Jeeta Tha Jiske Liye’ song from Dilwale movie, you need to send SMS <BT 1131290>. Here INR 2 rupees will be charged per SMS.
  • Activate using Dialer Tone Portal IVR Numbers 
  • You can simply call on Dialer tone portal IVR Numbers that are 56700, 56789, 56768, and select an available caller tune. During this process, INR 2 rupees will be charged per minute.

You just need to dial *567# on your mobile and follow the USSD instructions to activate the BSNL caller tune using this USSD method.

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How To Deactivate Caller Tune Service on BSNL 

If you want to deactivate caller tune service then you just have to follow the state mentioned below.

  • Dial 56700 and enter the other service category then select an unsubscription option
  • SMS <UNSUB> to 56700 or Call 56799 (Toll Free).
  • SMS BT <SPACE>DACT to 56700. (INR 2 rupees/SMS).

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