How To Set Free Caller Tune in Jio Sim (Step by Step) 2020

Welcome Back to our Other post. If you want to set free caller tune in Jio sim, this post is only for you. Because in this post, I am going to show four ways how you can easily Set caller Tune on your Jio SIM card

It is a straightforward process. Anyone can do this after following our steps. So read the article till the end. A few months/years ago, Other operators (Like Airtel, Idea, Vodafone) charged monthly amounts (30-40 Rupees) to set caller tune, but when Jio came on the market, Jio gave it for 100% free with a lot of free offers. Then almost 80% of SIM users switch to Jio

This post will show you four ways to set free caller tune in Jio sim card

What is Caller Tune?

Caller tune is a service due to which, when someone calls anyone, then they hear a piece of music on their phone during the call ringing.

For example, You call John. Then you hear an Amazing mashup song during the call ringing. That is the caller tune that you listen to during the call.

What’s the difference between caller tune and ringtone?

Caller tunes and ringtones are not the same. I will give you an example. Someone calls you. In this case, They listen to the caller tune that gets you, and you hear the ringtone.

how to set Jio tune in Jio saavn app

Jio Savan is the Android and IOS application which comes from Jio. In this application, you can listen to songs, and you can set your favorite songs as your caller tune—an effortless task. 

Let me tell you:-

  • Open your Google play store or Apple Store. 
  • Search Jio Savan and download the first application of the search result. 
  • After downloading, open your Jio Savan app using your My Jio account
  • Now you can see the song list. (You can also search songs by sign name, singer, and Album. 
  • Open your song, which you want to set as a Jio tune
  • Now tap on the three dots.
  • click on “set as JioTune.”
  • Then you will see a pop-up, tap on the Play icon to preview the tune. 
  • again tap on the “Set Jiotune.”

That is a simple and easy way. 80% of people use this trick to set Jio Tune on Jio sim.

how to set jio caller tune through SMS

Yes, You can also set Jio tune via SMS. It is also an easy way to develop a hello tune in Jio. To do this, follow my steps.

Note:- jio caller tune sms number (56789)

  • Open your Messaging app.
  • Then, send an SMS JT to 56789.
  • You will then receive an SMS, where they tell you what type of song you want to set. (Like Bollywood, Hollywood, International).
  • After this, you send your song name on the same SMS.   
  • again, you will receive an SMS for the song correction.
  • send the right song through the SMS.
  • you will receive a confirmation SMS.
  • Then, you type 1 and send it. (If you want to set this song as a caller tune)

Again, You receive a confirmation SMS. 

  • Type “Y” and send it. 

Congratulations, your caller tune is set successfully

How to set caller tune in Jio using My Jio App

That is the latest update of My Jio Application. In this way, you don’t need to download any other application to set Jio tune. 

  • Open your Google play store or Apple Store.
  • Search My Jio and download the first application of the search result. 
  • After downloading, open you’re My Jio app and create an account with your jio number.
  • Now tap on the three dots.
  • Then Select the “Jio Tune” option.
  • Go to the Songs tab and select the song you want to set as the caller tune. (You can also search song by Song Name)
  • Listen to the Preview and click on Set as Jio Tune. 
  • Now your caller tune is set successfully.

how to set caller tune in Jio by call

Using this way, you can only copy other people’s Jiotunes. You are unable to set your favorite caller tune. For example, you call someone. Then you hear his.her caller tune, and then you also want to put this song on your Jio Number as caller tune. In this case, this way is beneficial for you. So, Let’s see how you can set a caller tune using this way. 

1: Call the particular number you want to copy.

2: Press the star(*) button.

3: Now, you receive a confirmation SMS (It’s valid for 30 Minutes). 

4: You just “Y” to confirm. 

Congratulations, your caller tune is set successfully. 

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