How To Unlock Voltas AC Remote Step by Step

Hello friends, welcome to my new article on unlocking the voltas ac remote control. This article describes how to unlock the voltas ac remote in simple steps.

Voltas is the most popular ac brand all over the world. Voltas presents the window and split ac,s at affordable prices. The performance of the cooling room is impressive of the voltas ac.

Voltas, the most trusted brand in the air conditioning industry, presents high-performance air conditioners to its consumers. Our ac s also come with the instant cooling quality to cool the chamber instantaneously.

Sometimes, children play cricket and football in your house, and suddenly, children press the unknown buttons of the voltas ac remote. The results of the voltas ac remote are locked.

So this time, someone was trying to operate a Voltas AC but did not know how to unlock, control, and operate the Voltas AC.

how to unlock ac remote voltas 

If you want to unlock your window ac remote, you can follow all the commands step by step.

This AC voltas remote has many buttons.

Power On-Off ButtonPlus and minus button.
Fan & Mode button.V Swinng and H Swinng
Sleep, LampSaver, Turbo
Timer On, Timer OffTemp, Set, Wifi

These buttons have different works in ac voltage air conditioner brand.

Note: You Follow only the lock and unlock button on the air conditioner remote.

Process of Unlocking the Voltas Ac Remote

Know Push and hold the plus(+) and minus(-) buttons at the same time for about three seconds until the remote is unlocked. After you do this, you should notice the lock sign disappear from the remote, and you should be capable of using the remote usually.


I expect you above the efforts to help you unlock your Voltas AC remote if your remote does not perform, you may have to purchase a new universal AC remote for the Market.

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